Frequently Asked Questions

When will Softwell be available?
Now. Order through our website or contact us at
How do I use Softwell?
Just coat the hydrogels with collagen, fibronectin, laminin, or other ECM proteins the same way you do on tissue culture plastic, and then seed your cells. Or, go straight to culture with hydrogels precoated with collagen.
Is Softwell compatible with my current assays?
Softwell is compatible with conventional biological assays and detection methods. Because the hydrogels are thin, reagents and antibodies can be easily washed away. They’re optically transparent and won't interfere with phase contrast or fluorescence microscopy.
Is Softwell safe for my cells?
Softwell is manufactured under aseptic conditions and is certified non-cytotoxic and pyrogen free.
How do I remove my cells from Softwell?
Cells can be trypsinized and passaged, just as you do on tissue culture plastic. The hydrogel layer is bound to the well and will resist detachment.
What formats will Softwell be available in?
Softwell is currently available in 35, 100, and 150 mm Petri dishes, 35 mm glass-bottom dishes, and 6, 12, 24, and 96 well plates -- just to start. Our mission is to coat anything you might use to culture your cells upon with a soft hydrogel layer.